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Understanding the Forces that Improve Educational Outcomes

Your programs to help students learn and teachers teach rely on measurement and an ability to understand statistical data. Supporting your commitment to public education, SEI collects and analyzes larger data sets to inform daily lesson planning in the classroom. Our staff's expertise in evaluating early and adult learning outcomes and global accessibility influences the decisions that drive education progress. Our use of technology, our sound analysis, and our clear documentation helps you improve public education delivery.

  • Boys from kindergarten to college lined up in front of blackboard.

    K-12 and Higher Education

    Education professionals must coordinate programming across a range of student environments that...

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  • A man writing strategic planning terms on whiteboard

    Policy and Program Implementation and Planning

    Educational policy changes have an impact on administrators, teachers...

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  • A hand holding several gears in place

    Management Consulting and Support

    The U.S. Department of Education (ED) projects that U.S. public school enrollment will increase ...

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  • Infographic showing most prevalent languages spoken by foreign language students

    Statistical Data Visualization, Analysis, and Reporting

    Designs for curricula, programs, and policies are built on statistical data.

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  • Man with technology seemingly flowing from his hands

    Tool and Application Development

    Web-based applications and tools provide greater access to information.

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  • Woman at computer with content coming off the screen toward her

    Multimedia Communication

    By disseminating information to the public, practitioners, and policymakers, we can...

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