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Supporting the Development of the Next Wave of Health Care Programs

Your efforts to strengthen the public health infrastructure and its related prevention, treatment, and intervention programs rely on shared knowledge and innovation. Embracing your commitment to public health, SEI helps breakthroughs travel from the laboratory bench and research lab to the neighborhood clinic and Internet. Our information technology expertise enhances your global outreach efforts. Our data visualization capabilities inform your strategy and implementation plans. Our communications programs support your efforts to improve health literacy, empowering policymakers and the public. Rely on SEI's deep expertise in public health for the technical assistance to build your capacity and strengthen your delivery.

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    Prevention, Treatment, and Intervention

    Experience teaches us that public health programs are as complex as the populations they serve.

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  • A man writing strategic planning terms on whiteboard

    Program Analysis, Policy Planning and Implementation

    Public health research programs must be rigorously designed to align with...

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    Management Consulting and Support

    Developing a sound public health program requires coordination of complex interrelated steps.

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  • Scientific poster charts developed for NIDA CTN

    Complex Data Management and Visualization

    Data, well-presented, can inspire behavioral changes. Yet, we know that health...

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  • Man with technology seemingly flowing from his hands

    Web Tool and Application Development

    Superior Web-based applications and tools can reduce medical errors...

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  • Woman at computer with content coming off the screen toward her

    Multimedia Communication

    The more complex the data, the easier it can be for a message to get lost in translation.

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