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K-12 and Higher Education

Boys from kindergarten to college lined up in front of blackboard.Education professionals must coordinate programming across a range of student environments that includes early learners, gifted performers, second-language speakers, delayed achievers, and at-risk students. Planners and administrators rely on technical assistance and specialized support programs to bring performance up and control costs.

We support programs that align national-level education policy and neighborhood classroom initiatives to meet the needs of our next generation of leaders. Our collaborations sharpen your program's impact by offering well-honed tools—from geographic information system data to daily lesson plans. Our specialized content knowledge can help you evaluate and improve performance, processes, and outcomes across a broad range of K–12 policy and learning topics. Programs we support address important educational goals for teacher quality, Promise Neighborhoods, magnet and charter school programs, family literacy, English-language learning, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education Coalition, school climate and safety, vocational rehabilitation, and afterschool programs.

  • Program design: We support basic and applied educational studies that help top-level planners design effective research-based program elements and evaluation tools.
  • Program evaluation: We evaluate and help refine initiatives that improve outcomes for students whose education path moves through multiple local education agencies.
  • Interactive training tools: We help administrators provide effective afterschool programs for at-risk communities, and we develop customized interactive online training tools to ensure that the programs are implemented smoothly and productively.
  • Performance improvement: We provide technical assistance, access to resources, and a go-to center for information that helps expand the reach and improve the performance of educational programs nationwide.
  • Dissemination channels: We disseminate research results through publications, press events, or online resources that provide succinct yet comprehensive characterizations of complex educational initiatives and statistics.