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Making Sure Everyone Has Access to Your Information

The universality of the Internet is what makes it so powerful. That's why it's important for Web site content to be accessible to the greatest number of people, including those with disabilities such as blindness, color blindness, or limited motor skills. Our specialists work to ensure that your Web sites and documents are readable by any visitor to your site.

Our staff includes full-time Section 508-certified Web developers and designers as well as graphic designers and publications specialists. We continually evaluate the latest technical developments and other trends in accessibility issues to ensure that we provide the best and most cost-effective methods for our clients to meet their goals with fully compliant static and dynamic pages. We can provide formal training or simple tips and guidance to help clients prepare documents that simplify 508 compliance testing and assurance.

From Word Documents and PowerPoints to Images and Web sites, we follow specific processes to ensure a document is 508 compliant. This includes assessing document format; adding document properties; writing alternate text and script-generated content for images, figures, and charts; writing transcripts for multimedia content; redesigning tables for compliance, ensuring proper reading order; and organizing document structure and tags. Staff also conduct quality assurance reviews using the 508 compliance checklist, along with usability testing of the keyboard and mouse.

Technologies Used: Adobe Acrobat, JAWS, HTML, CSS