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Informing Your Analyses With Mapping and Modeling Technologies

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) literally allow site viewers to get a birds' eye view of key issues and their effect on populations across the country. We offer full GIS development and hosting services, ranging from data gathering and analysis to creation of graphic user interfaces and GIS Web application development. Expert data analysts and statisticians conduct analyses that combine extant data sources—U.S. Census data on race and ethnicity, median income, poverty, and the like—with data from sources in the health and education fields; clinical trials; and statistics from the Department of Education's Common Core of Data program. These data are uniquely visualized in maps and presented interactively in reports, allowing users to explore multiple relationships among variables.

We offer the following GIS services:

  • Needs Assessment. We analyze application aims, strengths, and weaknesses, and review data from disparate sources and in varying formats to ensure data standardization.
  • Trends Analysis. At SEI, we configure data to dynamically illustrate correlations between clinical, educational, and demographic data in a manner more comprehensive than standard tables or graphs.
  • Web Application Development and Implementation. We design, implement, and integrate interactive GIS Web applications with integrated mapping tools to render informative maps.
  • Data Analysis and Maintenance. We conduct data modeling and conversions (i.e., data capture and data preparation) by selecting optimal sample sizes to produce significant results.
  • Data Integration. We integrate data from disparate data sources, including but not limited to:
    • SQL Server, MS Access
    • SAS
    • Flat files
    • Shape files

Technologies Used: ArcGIS Server, ArcInfo, ArcSDE, SQL Server, Adobe Flex API, JavaScript API