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Building Capacity and Competence to Achieve Goals

Synergy Enterprises, Inc.'s (SEI) blended approach to technical assistance (TA) and training integrates deep subject matter expertise with innovative technology and experienced effective instructional design. Our proven approach to comprehensive TA is built on four key components:

  • Knowledge collection and management;
  • Knowledge creation and product development;
  • Knowledge transfer and dissemination; and
  • Project management and evaluation.

We collaborate with clients to identify activities and tools that will improve and strengthen the quality of programs or services. Next, we develop and implement strategies to deliver focused and effective instruction. We understand the need for scaled and flexible solutions, including:

  • Global services that broadly disseminate information and resources;
  • Targeted services that focus on specific target groups and are delivered through a general approach, such as Webinars or conferences; and
  • Intensive services tailored for specific groups and related to specific issues.

We are experts at developing and maintaining comprehensive TA centers—powerful resources that combine in-person training with Web-housed information and skill building to keep knowledge and capabilities current and sharp. Our TA centers provide custom-built strategies that:

  • Operate on multiple developmental levels;
  • Are flexible in responding to diverse needs and requests;
  • Make continuous adjustments and refinements; and
  • Provide progressive and sustained TA.