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Our IT experts build state-of-the-art Web portals so you can use data to develop and modify policy and move projects on the ground. We use intuitive formats for data management and reporting and state-of-the-art security to protect user confidentiality. We are continually strengthening our knowledge to match emerging technologies and our clients' needs. Customized Web-based tools have become standard elements in our application development support.

a diagram of application development process
  • Web and Application Design and Development. We use the system development life cycle process to develop Web applications. Further, we develop Web applications that are 508 compliant, ranging from Web sites to portal and enterprise applications that streamline business process agile programming methods and management.
  • Integration and Testing. We integrate a variety of common business systems, Microsoft-based systems, and systems from other suppliers into a unified application, using robust and flexible development technologies.
  • Data Management. We provide end-to-end service support and infrastructure management through recurring requirement, system, function, and design analyses.
  • Data Standardization and Harmonization. At SEI, we conduct gap analyses and client consultations to determine how data need to be restructured and designed for optimal project performance.
  • Hosting and Maintenance. We offer high-availability hosting solutions in an operating environment with multiple continuously monitored high-speed application and data servers that meet exacting Authority to Operate specifications for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and ED, to provide 99 percent uptime for client sites.

SEI uses advanced application development techniques and incorporates multiple technologies in our solutions, including:

  • Web Platforms: Apache Web Server, Apache Tomcat, and Microsoft Internet Information Services
  • Server Technologies: Windows Server 2003 and ArcGIS Server
  • Web Technologies: .NET, PHP, ColdFusion, Flash, Flex, and AJAX
  • Languages: HTML/CSS, C#, Visual Basic .NET, Java, JavaScript, VBScript, ActionScript, and XML
  • Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle 10g
  • Development Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, Corda, WinCVS Version Control, and ArcInfo
  • Open Source Tools