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Providing Comprehensive Research Services to Guide Decisions

Synergy Enterprises, Inc.'s (SEI) evaluation and research professionals provide state-of-the-art, rigorous, and cost-effective evaluation research designs and methods and expertise on the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) and Office of Management and Budget (OMB) clearance standards. SEI's research and evaluation team includes staff and consultants with a broad range of expertise. Our services foster the collaborations necessary for evidence-based policy formation and program implementation, as well as sustained capacity building. Our research design and methodology expertise ensures that our studies produce objective and comprehensive information to address each client's needs. Our staff members have experience designing and implementing experimental and quasi-experimental studies, trend analyses, gap analyses, cost-benefit analyses, environmental scans, and in-depth case studies using a broad range of data collection methods. Our analytic skills include quantitative approaches such as multiple regression modeling, multivariate techniques, and causal modeling, and qualitative approaches such as content analysis. We bring rigor and scientific objectivity to design and implementation of needs assessments; policy analysis; epidemiological studies; implementation analysis; and process, outcome, and impact evaluations.

We offer a full range of methodological services and experience (see below).

  • Research Design and Planning
    • Study design
    • Performance measurement system development
    • Development of surveys and data collection protocols
    • Instrument validation
    • GPRA and OMB clearance
  • Data Collection
    • Ethnographic observation
    • Site visits
    • Focus groups
    • In-depth interviews
    • Wide range of cultural competence
    • Online and in-person survey administration
    • Systematic literature reviews and environmental scans
    • Geographic Information Systems data collection
  • Database Architecture and Maintenance
    • State-of-the-art interactive Web portals
    • Intuitive formats for data management and reporting
    • State-of-the-art security to protect confidentiality; understanding of HIPPA regulations
  • Data Analysis
    • Quantitative methods, including multivariate statistical analyses, causal modeling, and reliability and validity estimates
    • Qualitative methods such as content analysis
    • Results triangulation to assess convergence and interpret variable relationships
    • Best practices identification
    • Quick or short-term analysis
  • Data Reporting and Presentation
    • State-of-the-art interactive Web portals produce quick epidemiological summaries
    • Technical reports that follow U.S. Government Printing Office and other editorial guidelines
    • Staff with experience producing and reviewing peer-reviewed publications
    • Materials for lay audiences, researchers, field practitioners, and policy makers
    • State-of-the-art graphics, editing, and production services
    • Results presentations at professional conferences, policy briefings, and Webinars