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Web Tool and Application Development

Man with technology seemingly flowing from his hands Superior Web-based applications and tools can reduce medical errors and health care costs, decrease paperwork, increase access to information, and improve quality of care. As electronic access to health-based information continues to increase, our IT specialists continually train themselves on new methods to protect privacy and maintain security. SEI clients rely on our advanced IT security systems and custom Web applications and software to meet highly complex requirements and reach diverse audiences.

  • Customizing technology: We provide customized IT and technical support for the National Institute on Drug Abuse's AIDS Research Program Web site. Among other advantages, the site helps disseminate research efficiently.
  • Migrating sites: Our Web developers migrated the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases' (NIDDK) Web site to a 2010 SharePoint environment to support development of their new site. The development process included organizing and managing the document inventories and creating templates, lists, and libraries within the collaborative workspace and content management system.
  • Managing large content libraries: Our Web designers revamped the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors' (NASMHPD) Web site, home to the organization representing state executives responsible for the $36.7 billion public mental health service delivery system that serves 6.8 million people annually. We developed special processes to present NASMHPD's large collection of publications, webinars, and meeting presentations, which account for more than half of the site's overall content.