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Prevention, Treatment, and Intervention

City street with lots of peopl moving around in a blur Experience teaches us that public health programs are as complex as the populations they serve. We bring our sensitive and customized approaches to programs that enhance quality of health for under-represented, at-risk, and minority populations. We support a range of basic research that informs your policy decisions and development of clinical trials, prevention programs, medical treatments, and community intervention efforts. Our data analysis services bring to life the role of science in the prevention and treatment of substance abuse, mental health disorders, and diseases like HIV/AIDs, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and autism.

  • Understanding risk and protective factors: We support basic research into the neurobiological, genetic, and environmental factors that make some individuals avoid risky behaviors, while making others more vulnerable to initiate drug-taking, progress to addiction, or suffer relapse when they try to stop.
  • Supporting transformation of research into practice: During the course of long-term research and clinical trials, our work helps identify research gaps, introduce new areas for behavioral health research, and move research advances into treatments that can be tested in clinical settings.
  • Bridging gaps in research and treatment: We work with research and service providers to bridge the gap that separates laboratory research from patient care. Our support for the National Institute on Drug Abuse–Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Blending Initiative helps speed validated research protocols into clinical settings such as community treatment centers, correctional and other institutional settings, and general practice.